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Posted by Stephen Harvey, Jul 13, 2010.

Many articles have been written about great regions - many intersesting discussions on Snooth.

I am passionate about my region and I love the great wines we produce but I love to experiment! [with wine.....] and I want to hear about what is - in the minds of the locals - what represents the best of the best you have tried from your local world.

But I want to make a couple of points:

  1. Local reasonably priced quaffing wine is a great thing to have in your portfolio, I have plenty that I drink and really love as a fun drink on a sunday barbeque/cookout/or other cultural equivalent and if I have the chance to meet you in your local environment then I am happy to try the local drink in the local environment. But I would ratrher hear about your great locals!!!
  2. I am really interested in what you think is the great wines [and vintages] that makes you proud of your local area.  What do you eat with it, what makes it great, why does it resonate with you and why does it make your region special to you?
  3. I firmly believe that wine is about a sense of person, place, event and time and I like to think if I am given an honest perspective of why a wine is special I can appreciate the writers experience [well mostly....]
  4. Be brave give it a rating out of something 10, 20,100, or any other number scale thsat works for you.

So please share what is special and why and risk of being a little anal...please give the exact brand details etc so  I can find it in Australia or on a website somewhere.

Please share great wine experiences, particularly what you drank so when I travel and I see the wine I can try it.

If it is not local and it was good share that too!

My latest wines I tried are:


96 Krug 97+/100

96 Dom Perignon 95/100

Sauvignon Blanc

08 Montana Brancott Marlborough New Zealand 90/100


02 Grosset Polish Hill Clare Valley South Australia 95/100

09 Grosset Polish Hill Clare Valley South Australia 94/100

06 Jacobs Creek Steingarten Eden Valley South Australia 94/100


05 Domaine Etienne Sauzet Puligny Montrachet Premier Cru 95/100

08 Giaconda Estate Beechworth Victoia Australia 95/100

Pinot Noir

07 Felton Road Block 5 Central Otago South Island New Zealand 94/100


98 Penfolds Grange Mainly Barossa/McLaren Vale/Magill South Australia 96/100

98 Henschke Hill of Grace Eden Valley South Australia 95/100

99 Wendouree Clare Valley South Australia 93/100

Cabernet Sauvignon

96 Penfolds Bin 707 Multi Regional South Australia 96/100

90 Wynns John Riddoch Coonawarra South Australia 95/100

98 Mount Mary Quintet Yarra Valley Victoria Australia 96/100


90 Chateau D’Yquem Sauterne Bordeaux France 98+/100

This was a dinner put on by my wife's best friend of 37 years Susan Skujins for her 50th Birthday, I supplied the wines from my cellar based on the best I had - mainly Australian - except for champagne, my wife's third love behind 3 kids, me[optimistic 2nd place assessment] and except for sticky - D'Yquem is truly the only wine in a class of its own.

Sue did a great lunch with some great little nibbles, a potatoe and leek soup with a Lustau Fino Sherry [what a great match].  fresh seafood, Roast Beef and vegetables, cheese, cake, cuban cigars, vintage port, coffee and a taxi home.





Reply by dmcker, Jul 13, 2010.

So was it a lunch or a dinner? In either case, a pretty serious wine encounter, it would seem. How many people helped with that many bottles? And from your ratings are we to assume you liked the French wines bracketing the meal best?

Reply by StevenBabb, Jul 13, 2010.

i want to hang out with you!  : )

Reply by VineGuide, Sep 12, 2016.

Coriole is one of our favourite places to visit. Its situated in McLaren Vale, South Australia. We visited Coriole last weekend and had a fantastic time! We did a wine tasting and enjoyed a local platter. Their fiano and prosecco were my favourites. They are starting to introduce a lot more Italian varieties to the region. The estate has great gardens and views. We will definitely be back in the summer!

~ Vine Guide

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