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Posted by VintageTexas, Jul 25, 2009.

Live Wine Blogging from the Wine Bloggers Conference in Sonoma and Soon from Dallas, Texas

By Kori ~ July 24th, 2009 @ 2:30pm - “Dad (John), Colby, and I are here at the Wine Bloggers Conference in Sonoma County, California. We are just about to begin the Live Wine Blogging segment featuring wines poured for us by the winemakers themselves. We will update this post as we go. Having major Wi-Fi issues at the host hotel. So they’ve switched a few things on the agenda and postponed the Live Wine Blogging segment. Hopefully, they’ll get it sorted out and we’ll be back soon.”

These comments sent by the Wine Peeps are not exactly the words that you want to hear coming from a Wine Bloggers conference!

At the last minute, I decided that I would sit out this year’s galactic, Internet wine love fest called the Wine Bloggers Conference (WBC - held again at the retro, 50s-ish Flamingo motel in downtown Santa Rosa, California. I attended last year and found it interesting, informative and quite a frenetic experience particularly with a live blog tasting. It can only be described as like speed dating for wine inclined. Wineries poured and discussed their wines while blogger tasted wine and blogged about their wine experiences.

Links to some of my posts from last year’s WBC events can be seen by clicking on the following links:

Five Things I Learned at the Wine Bloggers Conference:
Blog Wine Tasting: Kind of Like Speed Dating:

WBC’08 Second Only to Obama on Twitter

At last year’s event, wines from many well known (and lesser known) regions of the wine world freely flowed with bloggers dominating the Internet. At WBC’08, the number of Twitter posts (called “tweets”) coursing through the Internet from the WBC on the opening day of the event was second only to those containing the word “Obama”. Activities ran from breakfast to afterhours functions around the pool. However, in 2008, there was at least a WiFi connection to be had. This year, it became a serious issue delaying the start of the 2009 WBC festivities. Apparently, from several blogger online comments, it persisted to a degree into the night. This made blogging from hotel rooms chancy, at best. Some bloggers sought out the nearest Starbucks for a stable Wi-Fi connection. There was even a rumor going about that the Flamingo Hotel’s WiFi system was the target of a cyber-attack by beer distributors.

I was particularly interested how a wine blogging event looks on the other end of an Internet connection as I am orchestrating a similar event in August up in Dallas, Texas. It feature a Texas Twitter Taste-Off in conjunction with the Go Texan Drink Local Wine Conference (details at: This event will feature 40 or 50 locally grown and produced Texas wines, all wines of Texas appellation ( In this first ever event, bloggers and other invited media will taste this selection of Texas wines in a walk-around style event, and blog and network via the Internet on their tasting experiences. Some may chose to post messages to their respective blogs while others can announce their findings via Twitter or other social networking sites such as MySpace, Facebook. At the end of the event, the participants will provide an online vote for the top wines in four categories (white, red, dry and sweet) and the awards will be presented to the wining Texas wineries.

More at:


Reply by Philip James, Jul 25, 2009.

Excellent, thanks for the write up - i was proud to be in attendance last year, but sadly couldnt make it this time...

Reply by dmcker, Jul 25, 2009.

Sounds from you two like the burnout factor is large for this event... ;-)

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