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Lindsay Lohan causes stir in Snooths neighbourhood

Posted by Philip James, Mar 23, 2007.

Snooth's offices are located on a busy street in Manhattan, New York. Mainly we're surrounded by offices, but it's Soho so there are some very trendy bars and clubs nearby. We're all pretty busy here so we tend not to pay attention to much apart from work. However, last week Lindsay Lohan was in the restaurant two doors down from us (415 Lafayette, while we are at 419 Lafayette) and on her way out ended up hitting a reporter with her car! It was, however, 3am during the middle of the week and even this diligent team was safely tucked up in bed by that point.

[youtube aOX06gGASXM]


Reply by Billywarhol, Mar 27, 2007.

i thought she was still in Rehab!!
of course i was only reading the National Enquirer in line at the Grocery Store checkout! I will be checking back at SNOOTH to get the Deets!!
Cheers! Billy ;))

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