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Posted by l0u lou, Jun 24, 2011.

  • I love knowing the right wine, with foods .I find it to be sexy,and makes everything taste bett, but I like For examiable we all {most} know white wine is preferred for seafood ,but a name of the wine ? Like Shrimp in avocado with hot sauce..i go for, A MEURSAULT,''clos des perrieres,'' or a pinot chardonnay. What do you think?


Reply by dmcker, Jun 25, 2011.

Linda, welcome to Snooth.

What's in that 'hot sauce' and how spicy is it? Lots of options, but give some more detail, and ask any other matches for which you want answers...


Reply by l0u lou, Jun 28, 2011.

Oh,The sauce,Place 3Ts of butter, worcestershireetc sugar,vinegar,an ketchup,,in top of double boiler bring to piping hot dont cook.cut avocados in half lengthwise and remove pits.Place i slice frird bacon in each avoca,crumbled mix,the shirimp1an half cup danish shirimp mixthe shrimiamp in sauce spoon the mixtureon topof bacon in eachavocado SERVEIMMEDIATELY i USE 3 AVOCADOS

Reply by dmcker, Jun 28, 2011.

So in this case the 'hot' refers to the temperature of the sauce, not its spiciness. The only question then is how much vinegar because too much of that will definitely impact the wine.

You have bacon and avocado and shrimp and the sauce to deal with here. I can think of some Spanish whites I'd want before an appropriately aged, broad-hipped Beaune chardonnay like a Meursault. I don't mind chardonnay with avocado or even shrimp but the vinegar (and bacon to a lesser extent) might require either more acid to counterbalance or perhaps more very slightly sweetish fruit. Albarino, even Txacoli, or wild cards of an Alsatian pinot blanc or a trocken German riesling Kabinett or an Italian Falanghina are all things I'd think of before that meursault. Hell I even like the idea of Sake with it. It would definitely overpower a pinot grigio, nor would it react well back in the chardonnay fold with a chablis. Champagne or cava would, however work....

Reply by Stephen Harvey, Jun 28, 2011.

I think the wines suggested by dmcker make a lot of sense.

I think a wine with a more acidic backbone like those mentioned above, also a fresh young riesling, from Alsace or Australia or Washington would also do the trick.

Reply by l0u lou, Jun 29, 2011.

Thank you, Sounds like you might like this ,I like this for a side with Chicken.Three table spoons of each of the ingre. maybe try 2 Ts of vinegar to taste first. Id like to know if you try it ,only if you like it LoL.

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