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Lets see your AWESOME wine cellar!!

Original post by A Oak A, Jan 28, 2015.

I spearheaded this incredible custom design last month. The ambient temperature in my region is approximately 55 degrees throughout the day; ideal for harnessing the explosive potential lurking within this vast selection. The tight seal on this cellar door makes for the perfect, dank environment. 

I have plans to expand later this year.


Okay, enough silliness. Show me a cellar worth being proud of (Or any collection of wine. Lets just have some fun!)

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Reply by dmcker, Jul 14, 2016.

Was referring to wines, but those people, better yet.

That had been my guess about your wife's family and burial practices. I'd planned on cremation long before I ever came to Asia.

Alternatively you could build a Tower of Silence, or otherwise practice Sky Burial. I've seen those Zoroastrian towers and they have an impact. Have also seen Sky Burials in Nepal, Sikkim, Tibet and Mongolia (no it wasn't just Genghis and crew doing it back then). Often attributed to Vajrayana Buddhist principles, my view is the reasonings for the rituals pre-date Buddhism by quite a bit. Even the Cultural Revolution and later PRC imperatives couldn't stop it.

Often low circles of boulders (not cairns) to keep the pieces in proximity and allow family to visit during the exposure to birds and other animals (usually they're fast and they get almost all before the bugs do). Imagine, though, that modernization, economic development and population growth may be putting more pressure on these rituals, nowadays, than governments could in the past.

Now this is what I call some righteous thread drift!


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