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Lets back up for a moment

Posted by Philip James, Jan 7, 2008.

Saturday morning, slightly dazed, just finished breakfast. Obviously time to fire up the old lappytop and check up on recent doings. The familiar four paned window popped onto my screen, closely followed by the dreaded blue screen of death!

Needless to say I ended up having a wonderful weekend booting, rebooting and re-re-booting, wiping and reinstalling my operating system, trawling backup media in varying states of decomposition unearthing saved data, remounting hard disks and finally rooting around for the sales receipt and accompanying guarantee.

I'll be fine, but I didn't set out to talk about that. Nor the shiny new mac that (long overdue) replaced my windows machine.

Luckily, Snooth, as a corporate entity, takes backups way more seriously than I, or most other people for that matter, do in our private lives. It's important to us. We have been entrusted to care for millions of your reviews and we want to make sure that our setup is as iron clad as possible.

We take multiple backups daily, then store those in locations thousands of miles apart. If one of our server's melts, we've setup utilities that allow us to one-click reinstall that server's entire operating environment. We're focussed on redundancy. Server's will one day fail, the site will eventuall, albeit temporarily, go down, however, a copy of the data will exist elsewhere. Ready to be rolled onto a new machine.

So while I toil away this week putting my system back in order you can be comfortable knowing that as a corporation we treat this as an enterprise class endeavor.

PS. If we had a meeting or you sent me an email recently, be patient. I'm still restoring my data.


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