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Posted by Francis Theophane Rozario, Feb 8, 2014.


Have been a Scotch lover all my life and still am.

Circumstances has  brought  me into wine circles mostly local Malaysians for whom Wine drinking is now chic or should l I say hip.

They'd serve anything as long as it boosts their image, or t some who are in the business of selling and distributing wines they'll let you have their overruns which sometimes taste like vinegar.

Although a Scotch drinker and a novice in the appreciation of wines, in the sense that I am no expert, I have a pallet that appreciates good taste and I can tell a good tasting wine although my scotch habits make me a little less patient trying to dwell on the flavours.

Wood and leather are not for me, one is to make shelves or a fire and the other to make my shoes or my belts, so I do not fancy those tastes, crispy fruit flavours certainly are.

I love sweet wines too, and have just read about the wines of the Jura region in France and this was by no accident but because I collect clocks and if you are familiar with that region and their famous Mobier Clocks you'll know how I got to it.

I am here to take my wine tasting skills a notch or two higher, learn to note  the real fruit in the wines, maybe acquire an appreciation of my boots and belts and t share these with people who drink wine so that they will drink it for its beauty rather than being chic.

Being a novice maybe even lower in the pecking order, I'd like to learn by sharing with you,



Reply by JenniferT, Feb 8, 2014.

Welcome! It's funny...I was just thinking the other day that I should be also working in gaining more of an appreciation of scotch. Welcome! I'm a novice too! I'm sure you'll find lots of people here to learn from and have interesting conversation with. 

Reply by Francis Theophane Rozario, Feb 9, 2014.

I am going to one of those dinners in a fancy  place here in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, where the temperature is nearing the 40's C that is and it is as humid as can be.

Well of course it is a formal dinner so a black jacket is the order of the day and it is what they call "fine dining." To me that is a whole load of bull because you get famine portions in huge plates or should I refer to it as trays and when dinner is over you land up hungrier then when you began.

I have asked for the beef menu and wine of course,not knowing how to really appreciate the stuff which I ma trying my level best to, I'd like advice.

I am okay with fruity flavours, but can't  stand flavours of Oak and leather etc. Sometimes you are caught with flavours you can't even define, wish it was Scotch I am good at that but not this stuff.

It's going to be French so I guess we'd have a lot of Bordeaux its the most popular here, anyone who can share their similar experiences with me?




Reply by duncan 906, Feb 9, 2014.

Good luck at your fancy dinner. If you are having beef or steak I would be inclined to go for a Burgundy if they have any on the wine list. I also like sweet wines like Sauternes etc but they are best served with the desert or the cheese. Interestingly enough I once bought some Jura wine in the Jura on the way back home from the Riviera and I did enjoy it but there are not that many places selling it here in the UK. I hope you enjoy your wines and remember that you do not know what you like or don't like until you have tried it. I never used to like Scotch, prefering brandy but a few years ago I went to Orkney and did a tour of Highland Park distillery at the end of which we were served a dram.I bought a 500ml bottle for my father in their shop but in the hotel I ordered another glass of Highland Park and in the morning went back to the shop and bought a litre bottle for myself.I now like single malts

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