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La Fiera Pinot Grigio 2012

Posted by stoughtontd1, May 14, 2014.

My husband took me out to dinner on date night recently, to a nice little café. I ordered the Pinot Grigio by La Fiera (2012), and paired it with a Caesar salad, tapas with hummus, pesto, and olive tapenade with plantain chips and pita bread for appetizer. I also had a wonderful Sesame incrusted Ahi Tuna filet, with Kimchi. The pinot grigio was excellent, light and fruity and crisp, with a very clean finish. It paired perfectly with the Tuna, as well as the tapas and salad. I am now trying to locate where I can purchase some for myself.


Reply by EMark, May 14, 2014.

Stoughton, it sounds like you had a terrific wine/dine experience.  I did a quick on-line search for "La Fiera Pinot Grigio 2012" and it appears that there are several on-line sellers. You might go to and get a list from them.

The next question, though, is whether you, a consumer, can accept a wine shipment.  I see that you live in Texas, and previous posters from your state have indicated that it is difficult for them to accept wine deliveries.

Another consideration is whether the addition of a shipping charge would set the price higher than you would like to see.

The answers to both of the above concerns will be quickly determined by your visiting one of these on-line sites, figuring out if they will ship to you, and, if so, figuring out if the final cost is acceptable to you.

Good luck.

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