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Kinda serious search issues

Posted by gr, Jun 2, 2007.

This exists: and the text matches a bottle I'm holding, but the label doesn't. The label looks like this:

Maybe that's just arbitrary label changing, but for the same wine in the same vintage? That says the winery is "Massimo Romeo". That may be the case, but that's nowhere on the bottle I'm holding.

But, I search for /melini chianti classico 2003 isassi/ and " Your search - melini chianti classico 2003 isassi - did not match any wines." Okay, drop to "melini 2003" and I get plenty of options. Add "isassi" and there are three wines that match. Is there anything different between these options?

Also, I see "Showing results 1-3 for 2003; Melini"... so you're not using "isassi"? You must be because /melini 2003/ gets "Showing results 1-8 of 12 for 2003; Melini" What?

All of them SAY "chianti classico". I add that to my search terms to get /melini 2003 isassi chianti classico/... and get no results. What?

Also, why doesn't clicking/mousing over search terms in a results page (that is, the ones after "Showing results...") do anything? Is it supposed to? If not, why are they hrefs?

If it's supposed to do something but doesn't yet, then why don't I get the links on "your search didn't find anything" so I can do whatever it is I would do (remove them, add quotes, whatever)?


Reply by gr, Jun 2, 2007.

Stupid google search.

Here, this is the same label:

Or just this:

Then, from the same google search for that wine, here's the label YOU'VE got:


Are these the same wine?

I don't even know...

I think I've had something under that "Isassi is more important than Melini" second label (that you have), but the one I'm looking at now is the other way.

Good grief, this is worse than tobacco packaging...

Reply by Mark Angelillo, Jun 2, 2007.

There's a lot here. Thanks.

Firstly, the search for "melini chianti classico 2003 isassi" did not work because these wines are not classified as coming from the region Chianti. I've made a note to fix this globally. ALL chiantis should say that they come from Chianti.

Second, "melini 2003 issasi" should make some mention in the "Your search for" text of the flavoring term "issasi". Good point. We will do that.

Search terms that are underlines are not links, and will not be links. As such, they should not look like links, and they soon will not.

Finally, we need to add a message that explains how the wine images may not match your bottle, and explain why in the F.A.Q. Yes, wine packaging can be confusing!

Reply by gr, Jun 14, 2007.

I think looks better now than it did before. In fact, all but two wines on that first page were what I expected to see... but the FIRST hit is which is a white, blended, fortified dessert wine that happens to be grown in Chianti (by a winery with chianti in its name). That's a hard problem to fix, and I'm not really convinced that it *is* a problem.

(Just making notes, Mark, so you don't need to dig through AIM logs.)

Reply by Philip James, Jun 15, 2007.

ok, we're pretty happy with that. its unfortunate that a white dessert wine from chianti comes up first, but for us to manually hide that seems wrong too.

i think we just need to go and drink some good red chianti's - give them high enough ratings to push the white one down

Reply by gr, Jun 15, 2007.

I can take care of that, give me a few weeks. ;^>

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