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Keeping track of inventory

Original post by Degrandcru, Nov 19, 2012.

Did some work on my cellar in the last week; as all my bottles got dusty, I cleaned them all and used the occation to do an inventory count... what a bummer, of 305 bottles I had in the books I found 250... no idea where most of the 55 missing bottles did go to, a few I can remember, others I would like to remember. Good thing is that most of the missing bottles are low end, every day drinkers around $20. Now I am thinking about changing the way I keep track. I probably won't keep track of the everyday drinkers anymore and just of the higher end ones, worth to cellar for a few years. Just too much work to keep track of all the bottles one consumes.

Just had to reorganize my cellar and dedicate a space for the everyday drinkers I won't keep track off. How do you guys keep track? Do you keep track at all, and if so, of every bottle or just of a few?

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Reply by zufrieden, Nov 22, 2012.

Interesting read.  I cannot claim a complete recall on all wines imbibed over the past, well, considerable years, but I can recall the vast majority of anything other than those of quotidian  quality for everyday drinking.  That may just be me: I have have a memory that insults the mortal in many.  But if a bottle is missing from my small (200 bottle) collection, I know it is not a result of misfiring neurons.

Now if you are in the business of catering to the public, or have a collection above 1,000 bottles (I could never keep that many - just like to test the wares too often), that is quite a different historia.  I can undersatand why Eric uses CellarTracker, but for me there is no need whatsoever - except to see what the community thinks of something or another.  Quite the contrary to the wisdom of this thread, I find that these self-appointed afficionados on CellarTracker are actually pretty close to the cash.  They sometimes wax effusive, but don't we all?

As to the world collectors and persons in the trade, well a 1,000 bottle collection is really quite unsurprising. I could collect up to 2,500 bottles in my cellar, but why?  I want to drink these wines while I am alive (we are mortal, my friends) and with the company I enjoy.  So, the CellarTracker is good, but is just more information for you.  Use it as you see fit and nothing more.

Is that a problem or am I missing something?


Reply by JonDerry, Nov 22, 2012.

Very brave of you to give the avid CT'ers a little credit Zuf, I actually agree for the most has been said many times, the more familiar you become with those in the community, you start to figure out who deserves attention and who to filter out.

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