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Keeping busy

Posted by Philip James, May 21, 2007.

In response to many questions, here's an update on what's been keeping us busy these last few weeks.

We're about two weeks away from launch and Mark's been busy building out the recommendation portion of the site - we put an early version in place late Friday. We're still tweaking it to make sure the recommendations are somewhat bounded - we can't go recommending $1,000 wines to everyone, even if they'd probably find them tasty.

Mark also finished integrating the basic merchant functionality late last week. It's now possible to search for and link to several leading retailers (, Sam's and K&L) to buy the wine. There are tens of retailers and wineries in the queue and thats whats been keeping Betsey and myself busy.

Between us we've been contacting potential partners and negotiating the details - Betsey's focussed on the retailers and the wine awards, while I've gone after the critics and the 'others'. There's a lot of upfront work for each partner - after agreeing to the partnership, we have to work with them to get the data feed ready, it then needs to get standardized, checked and put into the queue to be loaded into the database. After that the wines are matched against existing records before any new wines are actually created. This all needs to be done programatically, as every day we get sent a new feed.

There's currently a backlog of retailers waiting to be loaded in, but we're moving through it as fast as we can.

Meanwhile, Clint has been working on the new page templates for the merchant page (done), and is currently working on the recommendation and friends pages.

In between and around this, we are all testing the site extensively, fixing incorrect data, cleaning wine records and fixing minor bugs as we go.


Blog comment by Charles Knight, May 21, 2007.

Hello, I am the author of the "Top 100 Alternative Search Engines" on

We have a new blog launching June 1st devoted to Alternative Search Engines (ASE).

I would love to hear more about Snooth's coming launch!

Best, Charles Knight

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