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Jumping in with both feet and a wine glass in each hand

Posted by gummybear, Nov 21, 2011.

Hello All,

My name is Shelby and in the past year or so, I have discovered the wonderful hobby  and passion that is wine. My boyfriend is a Culinary school graduate and beer brewer and after going with him to the brew store a few times, I saw the wine kits. I fell in love with making wine and reading about wine, and finally decided it was time to start drinking all the wonderful wines I had been reading about.

Within 6 months I had gone from drinking nothing but sweet rieslings to trying every wine I could get my hands on (family swears that's the best way to learn and I have to agree with them). I have fallen head over heels in love with Chardonnays, Pinot Noirs, Malbecs, and Sangioveses. I have joined this site to learn all I can from the articles and wine lovers who have a bit more knowledge than I do. I can't wait to jump in. Cheers!


Reply by EMark, Nov 21, 2011.

Welcome to the Snooth World, Shelby. 

I have to say that you are progressing well in learning about your new passion.  Quite often when new wine lovers make their first posting to Snooth, they ask how they can learn/enjoy/appreciate more about wine.  Most Snoothers encourage such people by telling them to try as much wine as they can.  You have already cracked the code being "head over heals in love with" several types of wines.  That being said, you may, of course, always feel free to ask questions on the forum.  I guarantee you will get excellent responses to those questions.

My guess is that you do not need much help, and you are bold enough to seek new adventures.  I think you are especially lucky because of the background of your sweetheart.  In my mind food and wine are meant to go together--again, personal opinion only.  My wife is a former chef, and food and wine have presented and opened up many fun adventures for us. 

Reply by spikedc, Nov 21, 2011.

Hi Shelby,

I'm also fairly new to the wonderful world of wine. In the past i just drank run of the mill non descript wine not really taking much notice of colours, smells, flavour but how things have changed, I now drink for sheer enjoyment, i've tasted some wonderful wines ( a lot of Snooth recommendations). I try to sample as many different grape varieties as possible. I do have my favourites but by trying more and more i'm discovering new favourites.

I also go to as many tastings as i can it's a great way to try new wines without spending lots, you'll be suprised how many tastings are out there, got another one lined up for this Thursday with a 'Winter Wine' theme.

For me it has also become a great Hobby and Passion and  i'm totally hooked, welcome, have fun !


Reply by dmcker, Nov 21, 2011.

Welcome, Shelby, and as EMark says, fire away with any and every question....

Reply by JonDerry, Nov 22, 2011.

This site will be very appropriate Shelby, welcome aboard. We hope to hear of many more of your discoveries along the way.

Reply by Richard Foxall, Nov 22, 2011.

And here's a great way to drink more types of wine without being soused all the time:  Have friends over, and turn dinner parties into tastings.  You will be shocked to learn that your geekiness (because anyone who likes wine enough to post gets geeky, if only a little) is actually charming and apreciated.  You can compare similar wines from differentl locales, like GSM blends, that's grenache/syrah/mourvedre, a common mix in the S. Rhone of France, which are also made in Austrlia and California.  You can buy a couple identical basic carafes (or three...) and drink them blind, that is, not knowing which is which, by putting labels on the bottoms of the carafes, or you can put the bottles in brown paper bags from the wine shop secured by rubber bands.  (Be careful when picking up!) You can take bottles from the same type and appellation, say Napa Cabs or Dry Creek Zinfandels or different cuvees of Cotes du Rhone, at different prices and see whether price really correlates with quality.  (Answer: Sometimes, but not always.) You can try different varietals/blends and see if you can tell them apart.  That's humbling for almost all of us. 

Your adventure is just beginning, and it's one that is improved by sharing.

For quick reference, and a way to find a lot of other wines and regions to try, I like The Wine Lovers Companion, by the Herbsts, a compact volume that really ought to be made into an app.  And you can also check back here from your phone when looking at a wine list, or at a store.  (You can also message your Snooth pals and tell them what you are drinking, eh, JD?)

Welcome, hope we hear a lot about the wines you are trying.

Reply by lingprof, Nov 22, 2011.

welcome, gummyb!  I second foxall's recommendation of doing little tastings with friends.  The "blind" ones are particularly fun, I think.  keep us posted on your journey!


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