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It's all about value!

Posted by Debbie Dobbins, Sep 3, 2012.

I have recently tasted some incredible French wines; a couple of captivating old Red Burgundies, an absolutely incredible rich and opulent Condrieu and some stunning vintage Champagnes to mention but a few. They were all undoubtedly good wines and all unfortunately out of my price range; certainly for everyday drinking anyway. Their expense is something I don’t mind as that keeps them special… What I do have a problem with is paying over the odds for a decidedly average bottle of wine, something that seems to happen all too often when I spend around the £10 mark on a bottle at the weekend. At the beginning of the summer in a state of rage after a disappointing bottle of £12 Côtes du Rhône I decided to pick up a £3.69 Côtes du Rhône from Aldi. The wine is by no stretch of the imagination the best Côtes du Rhône I have ever tasted, but it is definitely a contender for the best value. It is full of fruit, great acidity to balance and a lovely velvety medium body. The Perfect match for the wide range of foods that summer BBQs ensure are piled up on your plate all at once! It has been a wonderful companion throughout the summer months, through rain and shine and one I am not ashamed to take round to dinner at friends especially as it comes in a pretty Art Nouveau inspired bottle.


Reply by JonDerry, Sep 3, 2012.

Would this be a 2010 Cotes du Rhone by chance?

What was the name of the Condrieu you had? Haven't had one yet but am very interested...

Reply by Debbie Dobbins, Sep 3, 2012.

Yep 2010 indeedy! Have you had soem cracking 2010 CDRs?

The Condrieu was Yves Cuilleron Condrieu 'Les Chaillets', 2010 absolutely blew me away rich velvety opulence, but not at all too much! Would love to try some others...

Reply by JonDerry, Sep 3, 2012.

Excellent! In another thread we were talking/tracking the 2010 Rhone's

I haven't yet had many 2010 CDR's, and certainly not any to recommend's such a huge region that it can be tough. Recently had a 2009 Chave Saint Joseph Offerus that I'd recommend, though this is probably in the L12 range.

I'm especially excited about those "special occasion" 2010 Rhones, like Beaucastel, Chave, etc. but am always interested in the good value wines you describe that I can get here in the states in the $15-20 range USD. Most of the CDR 2010's have arrived on the retail shelves, but still waiting on the more the serious wines to make their way over.

That Condrieu sounds amazing...though looks like you can get it a bit cheaper in the UK ; )  Still, might have to try and track some down:


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