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Its a big market

Posted by Philip James, Mar 28, 2007.

Wine is a $100 billion market and a $22 billion industry in the US alone.

The US currently ranks second in terms of total volume consumed and its also growing faster than the other top countries. The British firm International Wine & Spirits Record , forecasted that by 2008 the US will consume the largest volume of wine.

Don't think this makes Americans a bunch of fanatical drinkers. Once the relative populations of the countries is taken into account the per capita consumption in the US ranks outside the top 30 countries at about 8 liters per person per year (France is at a whopping 60 liters per person per year).

There's a lot of headroom here and its exciting to see how the industry is changing at the confluence of this and other major trends (deregulation, direct to consumer shipping, imports etc.)


Blog comment by Snooth Blog One billion dollars, Apr 12, 2007.

[...] talked about the size of the wine industry before, but what’s been exciting me recently is how the direct-to-consumer market (online stores, [...]

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