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Is this the start of the low alcohol revolution...?

Posted by Benzibar, Apr 12, 2010.

So today my half case of Torres Natureo Free Muscat arrived at my door. At 0.5% alcohol and a grand total of 50 calories per large glass this is a wine that could, if it lived up to Torres's claims, start a drinking revolution. It's for exactly this reason that I approached today's wine tasting duty (to all my fellow Snoothers, of course) with a mixture of excitement and trepidation.

Pouring it into the glass, it was a lovely bright but pale gold. Very fragrant on the nose with clear aromas of peach and elderflower and undertones of citrus. On the palate it's very slightly off-dry with a lovely crisp acidity and a medium body. There's a very clear taste of green apple which leaves a refreshing sourness in the mouth after you swallow.

To be honest, it IS missing something in the balance which is clearly caused by the absent alcohol. Having said that, it doesn't lose too much because of this. It's still a refreshingly crisp muscat which I'm convinced will find a niche at your average summer BBQ. If I'm driving, this will certainly be my first choice. It's head and shoulders above the other options on the market - it tastes of wine, for a start!

So what do you think? Will you be trying it, or is it all too easy to dismiss pioneering efforts such as this as fads which won't last? Perhaps this is the start of something beautiful...

STOP PRESS! We've just polished off the bottle, and I'm still sober. Forget about it.


Reply by amour, Apr 18, 2010.

Very interesting.

I do believe, based on recent articles on the subject well as some limited research over the years, that people are increasingly interested in wine for health...particularly  as regards red wine and the tannat grape.

What is most topical these days is the use of wine and wine- based products in the context of Wellness Centres and Vinospas.

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