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Is the shine off cult wines?

Posted by Gregory Dal Piaz, Mar 31, 2009.

Well according to Bloomberg this morning it is.

Not surprising really. I mean who really needs several cookie cutter goop bombs. Now I'm not saying that all the cults are like that but I would say they are generally wines meant to be tasted, not drunk and enjoyed in any reasonable quantity.

In any event seems like it's getting harder to move $200+ bottles of wines these days!


Reply by John Andrews, Mar 31, 2009.

I had an experience that surprised me quite a lot this past month. I signed up for a cult Pinot / Chardonnay producer in the hope that I'd get allocations next year. Within a day I received an email offering me a huge allocation. Normally this winery has a year or two waiting list.

It was a nice surprise but I don't have the cash to make a purchase!

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