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iPad app?

Posted by bocron, Dec 28, 2013.

I would love to find a good app to track the wines I currently have as well as keep a list of wines I have tried while dining out. There is a great Beer app by Rate Beer called the Beer Buddy. You just scan the label of the beer and then you either rate it or you can add it to "My Beers" which gives you the option of saying you've tasted it and making a note to yourself or you can put it "On Tap/Next to Try" meaning you have it at home. Once you've tasted the beer you can move it to tasted or favorites. SO useful. 

I can't seem to find anything comparable for wine, of course the search option on iTunes is pretty useless so I'm sure I'm missing some.




Reply by Tbandcwfjourney, Dec 28, 2013.

Snooth has an iPhone app.  You have to search in the iPhone apps though, because it won't come up in iPad search.  It syncs to your snooth cellar.  I haven't tried the scan feature because I usually go to the snooth website, find what I may want and then list it. 

Reply by bocron, Dec 28, 2013.

The Snooth app bricks the phone :(. If you try to use the scan option it totally locks up and won't move on. So far seems like the best. 

Reply by Michelle Dean, Dec 28, 2013.

I found Wine DB which has been great so far!  I just completed my cellar inventory with it and you can save it in the cloud and sync it with your phone and ipad.  It doesn't have a scan feature but you can search the wines or add them manually.  It only took me a few hours to do my entire inventory of 334 bottles.  It has the ability to add your notes and even give it a personal score.  

Reply by Lucha Vino, Dec 31, 2013.

I agree with Bocron.  I use to access my cellar tracker information from my iPhone.  If you are using your iPad, use the web browser to go to the cellar tracker website directly.

Reply by outthere, Dec 31, 2013.

CellarVU works in conjunction with Cellartracker so you need to use Cellartracker and enter your wines there for CellarVU to be useful. It's basically an easy way to quickly sort through your wines by Country, Producer, Vintage, Variety, Value, Score, Drinkability and review notes on the wine before consumption.

Screen shots:

This is an Alphabetical listing


Searchable by your own input.


Select an individual wine to see where it is stored, when and where you purchased it, what you paid for it, community tasting notes, professional notes. You can click on one individual bottle and remove it from inventory.


CellarVU is neat when you are in a hurry to grab something because it's fast and to the point but it doesn't give you the ability to take a picture and enter a wine in inventory. That's what the main CT site is for.

Another iPhone/iPad app I use all the time is Delectable This is the social media side of wine with a feed, followers, following. It works off of facial recognition software. You snap a pic of your wine, the software identifies the wine, puts it in your history, you can then rate it, leave comments, find where to buy it and for how much. Your history is sorted by region, variety etc. You can see how many others have had the wine from various vintages, see their notes, ratings... There is a feed that updates with your wines and your followers(ing) wines. A voyeurs guide to what the other guys are drinking. This app is used by tons of winemakers, ITBs (Somms, Professionals etc) as well as geeks. Its fun.


Here's an entry by Christina Turley


Their ratings and comments


Description of the wine, wishlisting, purchasing...


If you click on purchase you get the next screen. You select where it will be shipped and they will search for the wine and send you an email showing the price delivered to your door.This option is great for when you are at a restaurant, for example, and want to source the wine you just enjoyed off their wine list.


Other vintages of the same wine and ratings, each clickable.


Just some fun apps.

Reply by jescobio, Jan 4, 2014.

I'm a fan of Vivino.  Its basically a scanner app that takes inventory of what you drink and as you scan your wine it brings up reviews for that particular wine.  It doesn't brick the phone like the snooth app does.  Its very fast.  You take a pic, hit accept, it checked the database and 99% of the time comes back with the right wine.  Year and all.  I've only stumped it once so far.  Its free so easy to give it a shot.

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