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Introducing the New Recommended Sort

Posted by Mark Angelillo, Dec 30, 2008.

When Philip shared with me the figures about wine purchases I wasn't surprised to find that most people don't buy wines priced at $1000 and above. For a while now, we've been thinking critically about the search page. Take a look at the default page of results using the standard SnoothRank sort.

There's nothing so wrong with that picture -- Chateau d'Yquem is a fantastic wine. When I'm here to shop though, those wines are really quite expensive. There's a price slider so I can help myself to my own price range, but Snooth wants to help us all search faster and smarter.

A few months ago, we added a Quality Price Ratio sorting feature. This is a direct ratio of rating to price. It's simple, and it's powerful, but you might notice that most of the wines shown are the cheapest wines around. Again, you'd have to make use of the price slider to get to a slightly higher sweet spot of price.

Until today, that is. We just added our new Snooth sauce, the Recommended Sort. Using a proprietary algorithm cooked up with value in the front of our minds, we're bringing the sweet spot of price and rating directly to the top of searches. You'll notice that all of the results by default are reasonably priced, and carry a high SnoothRank.

We're very happy to finally bring these great value wines front and center!

If you miss the SnoothRank sort by the way, not to worry! You can still find it in the sort menu along with all of the other options Snooth provides. Happy New Year!


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