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Introducing myself

Posted by penguinoid, Jul 13, 2009.


I've been on snooth for a little while, and even posted on the forums (I think) about twice, but never really introduced myself.

I like a wide range of wines, with a bit of a preference for earthy red wines, and minerally or herbaceous white wines. But I like trying a wide range of different styles. Snooth has been useful to find out what sort of wines are out there. It's just a disappointment to then compare them with what's actually in the shops -- my local store has a pretty decent range, but it's not as good as Snooth.

I'll try and read the forum here more often in future -- always seems interesting.



Reply by Gregory Dal Piaz, Jul 13, 2009.

Hi Gavin,

Welcome to Snooth and the forum. Glad to see you're finding Snooth useful.

So where are you and who's your local shop?

Reply by penguinoid, Jul 13, 2009.


At the moment, I'm in Australia. I'm currently in Queensland, but will be moving down to Adelaide (South Australia) some time soon, to start a Graduate Diploma in Oenology.

Wine shops here seem mostly dominated by a few large chains. Our local one in Queensland is Dan Murphy's, which is owned by Woolworths supermarkets (same name, but different company to the US supermarkets). I think this is at least partly because most states won't allow supermarkets to stock alcohol -- they have to set up separate stores for this. I'm more used to the UK, where (for better or worse) the supermarkets aren't restricted like that.

On the bright side, Dan Murphy's do train there staff well and a lot of them seem to have a genuine interest in wine. The same can't be said for all the chain stores.

It looks like there are more independent wine stores in Adelaide, which should be better, hopefully.

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