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Interesting Survey

Posted by spikedc, Jun 18, 2012.

UK & US differences in wine consumers


Where's Spain in the Country of Origin obviously didn't survey me ?


Reply by EMark, Jun 18, 2012.

This is fairly interesting, Spike.  I wonder if this was an actuall survey to which selected participants responded or whether this author dredged around and found statistics.  Not sure it really matters. 

My comments as a U.S. resident--

Grape variety--Somewhat surprised to see White Zin still making the US list.  On the other hand I still do run into people who are stunned when I tell them that zinfandel wine is red.  On the red side, I'm a tad surprised to see merlot haning in there.  Interesting.

Country of Origin--I'm sure, Spike, that Spain came in 5th place in the UK survey.  I'm a little surprised that Australia came in first, but that probably mostly speaks to my ignorance.  The thing I find surprising about the "country of California" dominating the US survey is the percentage--61%.  Obviously, in a country as large as the US there are a lot of geographic differences.  The percentage of "California" responses on the east coast has to be much lower and France surely pops up more often there.  Even on the west coast, I find the 61% to be high.  I would not anticipate that France and other European choices would have approached east coast levels, but Washington and Oregon would show up more often in the domestic vote.  So, maybe the only wines that you can find in Nebraska are from California.

Average Consumption--No surprises to me, there.

Average Price--Very surprising.  That US number to me seems quite low.  It makes me think that the source was from industry figures that includes bulk wines, boxed wines, and various concoctions that have "wine" in their name. 

Thanks for posting, Spike.


Reply by JonDerry, Jun 18, 2012.

Interesting indeed. the 61% definitely means the US supports its own product, while they don't really have the opportunity to in the UK. Not really surprised by the number, it was probably something I maintained for quite a while. It must have been even higher going back 10+ years.

Reply by Richard Foxall, Jun 18, 2012.

I couldn't tell where he got those numbers from.  Even in the US--hey, even in California and NY, with their generally more wine-conscious consumers--the majority of wine drinkers are pretty indiscriminate.  Pretty labels, familiar names and prices count for a lot more bottles sold than WS scores in the overall market.  Also, I find in my travels to Florida, Chicago, and a host of other places, that the wine in restaurants outside of the top end/biggest cities trends toward fairly commonplace California brands--the mainline Mondavi offering, Qupe Syrah, Beringer this and that... Not a ton of great imports, maybe a Chianti here and there, NZ SB, Aussie Shiraz and some obligatory French bottle.  It's just easier for them to deal with the big conglomerates.  Further, wherever supermarkets carry wine (see: Publix in FL, for one example), there's the same selection that you have at Safeway in CA.  I had dinner at Rockpile with a guy who sold wine in Ohio till he came out here, and he observed much the same among his supermarket accounts like Kroger.  Those of us who know that Zin is red--or know that there are more than three or four varieties of each color--are a minority of wine purchasers who, in spite of our herculean efforts, cannot outconsume the vast number of Gallo drinkers.

Reply by GregT, Jun 18, 2012.

"Those of us who know that Zin is red--or know that there are more than three or four varieties of each color--are a minority of wine purchasers"

That is in fact quite true. The cheaper wines sell by the boatload and "wine lovers" don't even notice those wines. But that's true in Europe as well - most French people aren't drinking first growths or premier crus. The brilliance of the Australians was capturing those customers by giving them wine that's actually drinkable, albeit not particularly good. But at those price points, waddaya want?

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