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Original post by Anna Savino, Sep 29, 2012.

Hi guys,

I would like to make a list of best local supermarket wines, but living in Piemonte Italy I not sure that it would make sense because I don't know if you can find them in supermarkets in the US. Would this be interesting for you to see anyway? Would appreciate any feedback!

Cin Cin

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Reply by napagirl68, Oct 4, 2012.

OK, back on topic.

Very interesting.  OP talks about "best supermarket wines".  Then GdP says "comparison of supermarket wines across the world".  Different?  Maybe.   "Best" is subjective, and a great list to start, IMO.  But I suspect, it will be all over the place in response.  Not necessarily a bad thing.

GdP's response of "comparison" led me toward a more scientific approach, to compare best selling wines in a grocery, in one's area, regardless of personal opinion.

EVERYONE here has valid points, and I can agree with almost all of them.... wine is very subjective, and deals are to be had at discounters (which I don't consider "grocery store wine"- I consider those, such as Grocery Outlet, to be more comparable to "auction" wine)

Anyhoo, one way to really compare/contrast grocery store wines in an objective fashion is to first identify the top 1-2 popular grocery stores in your area.  A bit subjective if you are in a large metro area, but I would not include importers, such as World Market, discounters, such as Grocery outlet, or any other store that specializes in wines UNLESS that is the only grocer in your area. Then, approach the manager or wine manager, and ask what are the top 10 selling wines over the last month, 3mos, etc.  Submit that as your finding. 

The finding will most likely have nothing to do with your personal preferences, but  will show at very least,  what is heavily distributed in a certain areas of the country/world, and what the locals are buying for whatever reason.

Unless we plot the data over a period of time (based on data from the store),  it would be impossible to know if this is consistent or transient data.  Example, a big grocer in US such as Safeway, will keep pretty much the same stock on a regular basis, where an independent store in a town in Italy my buy small lots as available, from different wineries over time.

Nonetheless, yes, an interesting topic :-)

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