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Interesting Australian Wineries and Australian Wine History

Posted by amour, Mar 20, 2013.

An Australian client of mine, today, invited me to try the wines of VASSE FELIX, Margaret River, Western Australia.

As I researched VASSE FELIX, the Winery, the Vineyards, I discovered that the first vines were planted at Vasse Felix, by a brave Cardiologist, in 1967, Dr. Tom Cullity.

In 1987, VASSE FELIX was acquired by The Holmes a Court Family.

Over 25 countries around the world sell VASSE FELIX.

The Winery boasts a nationally-acclaimed restaurant and art gallery, as well as an archive of exciting Margaret River wine history, stored in the underground cellar.

I am absolutely certain that Snoothers will add interesting comments and tasting notes to this thread!

Looking forward to robust interaction, and expansion as well, in the context of Australia and its wonderful wines, and generally!  All ideas and remarks are appreciated here on Snooth!






Reply by penguinoid, Mar 21, 2013.

There's LOTS of interesting wineries in Australia, though in many cases they get overshadowed by larger, more marketing-savvy ones. Just staying in Western Australia, Cullen Wines are very good and worth seeking out.

In other states, I think I've mentioned it before but Yangarra Estate in the McLaren Vale are making some very, very good wines at the moment. I recently read that they're owned the the Jackson family of Jackson Family wines fame, so unsurprisingly their wines are available in the US.

Other interesting wineries? I love the wines from Sutton Grange in Victoria, though I'm not sure if they export to the US. They might be too small.

There's quite a few which are big but still good. Tahbilk , in Central Victoria, make some excellent wines, most famously their Marsanne. Excellent after a few years of bottle age. Their Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon are also good, and also good with some extra time in bottle. Tyrrell's, in the Hunter Valley, make excellent sémillon, shiraz and (oddly, given it's quite a warm region) pinot noir. Their Vat 1 Sémillon is one of Australia's greatest wines, once it's had a bit of time to age in bottle. Not cheap, but worth it.

Lots of small places worth looking out for -- Le Caves de Pyrène in the UK often have a good selection of wines from smaller, idiosyncratic producers such as Lucy Margaux Vineyards/Domaine Lucci and Shobbrook Wines/Didi Wines/Didier Wines that are hard enough to get in Australia, but well worth trying if you can.

I'll stop before I write a book ... ;-)

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