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In defense of the big apple

Posted by Philip James, Jul 30, 2007.

People are sometimes surprised that Snooth, as a wine company, is based in New York. "Why not Napa?" seems to be the most common question.

We think that sitting here in Manhattan allows us to span the world of wine in a way thats hard to do elsewhere. Think about the following: We're based in the state with the 3rd largest wine production volume (thanks to the Finger Lakes as well as the North Fork of Long Island). We're close enough to California that we don't lose touch with what America's epicenter of wine is doing, but we're also just a stone's throw away from America's largest shipping port, Port Elizabeth, which is where most of the wine from France, Italy and other European countries comes into the US.

New York and New Jersey (closer to the port and with cheaper warehouse space) has quite a roster of wine companies, from the importer Kobrand, to some of the best wine stores like Astor, Zachy's and Morrells. Even the iconoclastic Gary of Wine Library calls Manhattan home. New York is even host to the headquarters of Constellation, the worlds largest wine company, and the only wine company with revenues of over $1 billion.

So, although literally we live on an island, figuratively, it's anything but.


Blog comment by chris, Jan 18, 2008.

Seconded. Wine is grown in Cali, but ultimately ends up in the hands of the rabbit-toting masses, and New York is the place to connect with people. Snooth is about the personal experience with wine as much as it is about the wine itself.

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