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Impromptu Napa trip... Where to taste?

Original post by napagirl68, Jun 13, 2013.

So I am going to Napa tomorrow for a few days.  I have some prearranged plans that cannot be changed, but have some limited  time for tasting.

As "napagirl", I should already know exactly where to go.  The problem is, I get stuck into that rut of going to the ones I like, the old faves, over and over.  I would love to hear your recommendations and why...   I would prefer Sonoma, but time dictates Napa.  Anywhere from St. Helena down is fair game...  Tell me your faves....

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Reply by JonDerry, Jun 19, 2013.

NG...we totally blew it. Knew I was forgetting someone.

Heitz is still free. Have had friends visit and verify this recently, but not sure about appointments.

Reply by napagirl68, Jun 19, 2013.

Oh JD.. no worries... I know little about heitz... free??? in Napa??    Again, I don't mind the charging of tastings if one doesn't buy.  

Reply by Manny Schrager, Jun 19, 2013.

Wow, Regusci has certainly upped the ante.  Went there about 6 months ago and the tasting was $15 and refundable on a $50 purchase.  Heitz was definitely still free.  Not offering Martha's Vineyard as the production was extremely low.

Reply by Richard Foxall, Jun 20, 2013.

Re: Regusci, I am saying this is yield management:  Prices are up for the summer.  The valley is crowded now. 

We made our reservations using Cellar Pass to get into the smaller places.  Lots of stuff in one place.  You don't pay up front--so we just talked our host into waiving the fee because we bought half a case of wine.  (Which came out to about $200/person.) 

Emark, I think you are exactly right that this is a ploy by Chappellet.  They get recognition as the pioneer of Pritchard Hill even as the others in the AVA charge more.  So they then raise their prices to Pritchard Hill's mean.  Otherwise, hardly anyone would be paying attention to the creation of another AVA--Coombsville, anyone?  But now it's about so much more.  Anyway, their PR person is a friend of mine, so I will ask her next time I talk or email.

Reply by napagirl68, Jun 21, 2013.

Re: Regusci, I am saying this is yield management:  Prices are up for the summer.  The valley is crowded now.

Foxy- you may be onto something... yes, this is the "on" season, and Napa may up the ante for the crowds.  I have never gone this time of year, mostly because of crowds, not cost.  I like to go in November to most regions of wine country in general.  Spring is nice too, but allergies get the best of me.

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