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If there was any doubt, let it be erased ;)...

Posted by ChipDWood, Sep 28, 2010.

I was tempted to file this one under "Wine Travel", but figured this to be a better fit.  Concerning the now certainty that it is the Asian market, and particularly that of China that is the rising tide that is lifting the prices of fine wines in the world today, including all auction houses, retail locations that possess the finest in the best of years, etc.

It's not unusual in fact to witness brokers for these Asian buyers walk into any retail establishment, pick out the best the store has, buy it up no matter the cost, then walk out the door with $20,000 of Chateau Margaux or Petrus stashed in ocb's from Yellowtail and the like.

Hart-Davis-Hart, a Chicago-based auction house and one familiar to a lot of us here just released their results from their last sale and it marks a specific, eh how to say: "big time, upward freaking trend" in the value of the very finest.  The biggest winner was the 1989 Chateau Haut-Brion, as several formats of it rose to easily surpass their expected market values.

Beyond those results, here is an image I just saw at HDH's website:

...They're going on freaking tour, man.  It all starts on October 10th.  You can click on the pic or here to check out the page on HDH's website for yourself.


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