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identification of a specific wine

Posted by flammifera, Aug 30, 2007.

This isn't a question about the features/bugs of the site, and I don't know yet if there are duplicate wine listings -- I simply need help identifying the wine I drank, so I assume this question falls under 'general'. :)

On Sunday, I went to a little tapas place in Greenwich Village with a couple friends, and along with tasty chorizo and stuffed peppers, I had a glass of what was listed in the wine list as 'Vega Sindoa Cabernet-Garnacha'. (That, I believe, is exactly how it was listed.) Searching 'Vega Sindoa Cabernet' produced around 30 results; to narrow it down, I searched 'Vega Sindoa Garnacha' and came up with the following wine:

Is that the same thing? It was indeed a rosé, but I had assumed that Vega Sindoa was the winery, so I'm confused about the Bodega Nekeas winery listing. (And yes, I did do TSOR, but that left me unclear on whether Vega Sindoa was a winery or part of the name of a winery or part of a varietal name or what.)

I need help from humans, not the internet! [/i]


Reply by Philip James, Aug 30, 2007.

Tricky tricky - it actually turns out that Vega Sindoa and Bodegas Nekeas are the same thing - the winery is actually called:

Bodegas Nekeas Vega Sindoa

I uploaded what i think is the right bottle image - as we continue to add these it'll be easier to recognize the bottle from the label.

Your link was correct. Rate on!

Reply by flammifera, Sep 3, 2007.

Ah. I thought that might be the answer, but Mr. Internet seemed unclear. Thanks for the confirmation! :)

(And actually in this case, since I just ordered a glass of the wine, I didn't even see the bottle. So your clarification is extra-appreciated.)

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