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Ideas for Wrapping Wine, Don’t

Posted by CuriousWine, Dec 21, 2007.

Santa, Baby. Hear me out, big guy. Times are a-changing. The world is going green . I’m sure you know this already with the North Pole all melty and what not. How to deal? Here’s my advice: This Christmas don’t wrap wine.

Seriously, give your elves a break and save a tree in the process. Technically speaking, the wine is already wrapped; it comes in a lovely bottle (or box). Why be redundant? Now I know you love those tacky wine bags with grape prints on them, or worse yet, made of burlap. You do know they are tacky, right? Well they are, not to mention hideous and impractical. No one ever uses them twice. You can also skip the tinsel-like silver or red bags tied with cheap ribbon they give you for free at the liquor store. It’s a sure sign of last minute gifting and no one wants to seem thoughtless. Plus, they just get tossed.

So how to class things up without creating extra waste? Here’s two ideas:

1. A nice, thick ribbon tied around a bottle is elegant. It’s reminiscent of those holiday commercials where someone rich gives someone else a car. This is the pared down version of it, but every bit as considerate. Just decide whether or not to tie it around the neck the bottle or the body (works well with Bordeaux-shaped bottles). Voila! A stylish packaged gift that results in clean up after its opened.

2. If you’d rather reuse than reduce, give one of these bottle carriers

They’ve been written about extensively and it’s because they’re fantastic for transporting wine. Everyone loves to mention that they’re constructed from neoprene, which is fun to touch and great if your bottles ever want to go scuba diving. Joking aside, it’s wrapping you can use. Plus they come in all sizes, colors, and patterns, so you can personalize.

There you have it, Santa. Other than that, just don’t leave the wine on the mantel and you’re set. Now about that Chateau Haut-Brion I asked for last year…


Reply by Philip James, Dec 22, 2007.

I am lone in actually liking those wine bags? No festive patterns for me (bah humbug), but surely a plain one is as nice as a neoprene sack? You going scuba diving Scott?

Blog comment by Snooth Blog, Dec 25, 2007.

Murry Crispmoose...

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