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Ideas for a tasting/dinner with lobster thermidor?

Original post by JenniferT, May 15, 2013.

Hi Guys:

In my ongoing saga of trying to learn how to cook, I'm planning on giving lobster thermidor a whirl soon. I'd like to pair it with 2-3 wines, mostly as a pairing experiment to see which works best. Any ideas? I was thinking I could potentially combine the dinner with the vintage VS NV champagne combo I've been meaning to do...other ideas might be a white burgundy, chablis, chardonnay......

I don't know how much lobster thermidor recipes vary, but here's the one I was thinking about making:



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Reply by JenniferT, Jun 10, 2013.

I only had one...I think it was a good wine but I was just really taken off guard by its sweetness level. I had it with a cross section of PN (along with a Chiilean, S. African, Burgundy, California, Oregon, and BC) when I just started getting into learning about wine earlier this year. I was just thinking about it as German PN, but suffice to say it was a whole different animal! I did have a really hard time finding one...I think I bought it at a store in Alberta. I generally find that there is better selection there than I find farther west in BC.

Sparkling red wines (a cab franc and a Lambrusco) were my other two recent way left-of centre finds! I got a Lambrusco from Medici Ermete. It was a shock to have my first red sparkling...I was surprised by its unique creamy foaminess. But I found some mortadella to give the wine its due, since its from the same was a STUNNINGLY good pairing...even for me (neither is something I'd ordinarily go for).

Just an idea!

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