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ice wine

Posted by Marisha Zeffer, Jul 2, 2010.

My NYC friends are wild about ice wine.  Pls suggest what I can purchase affordably.


Reply by Rubble06, Jul 4, 2010.

Icewine (Eiswein), is by mere process very expensive, as the output is so miniscule.  These wines tend to be upwards of $AU 70.  However, having tasted and drunk these styles from both Canada and Germany, I can say that they are worthwhile when you take into consideration the process.  In Australia a few wineries produce a sweeter style wine that is referred as Ice wine, where the water molcules are frozen out by centrifuge, leaving a concentrated liquid, however in texturre and purity these do not compare to real eiswein.

Reply by amour, Jul 5, 2010.

Kindly Search the forum and you will see extensive information on Ice Wine.

I have myself contributed some posts on Ice Wine .

Quick answer...I love the Vidal Ice Wine from PELEE ISLAND WINERY (CANADA)  best of all and also from Jackson-Triggs  (CANADA).....second best!  I have used them with a plain fruit platter and with KETA caviar on was actually good, also with a duck's liver mousse on plain unsalted idea of snacking!!!!!!!  I am not sure that any one else uses it this way!!..avante garde me!

Ice ine should not be used with an item that is sweeter...this is a guideline...and so many have it on its own as dessert...but I have seen persons enjoying it with vanilla cheese cake and also fruit...simple fruits with plainer taste, and some cheeses like camembert for example...I , personally would not use it with camembert.

....Do try them and let us know your opinion....

Reply by saywhatmyman, Jul 5, 2010.

unfortunetly ice wine is expensive because of the process of making it. However it is a dessert wine served in small portions.

Try it with peach pie, or in a martini. Pellar Estates in Ontario adds it to their sparkling Cuvee.

Hint; The vintage is picked usually in January. If the Niagara region of Canada experiences a cold January then the ice wine is worth buying... There is an Ice wine festivle in January. google it.

Reply by hhotdog, Jul 5, 2010.

ice wine is good...and yes expensive.  had it a few times but, found it not that exciting for the price. perhaps i tried the wrong ice wine. i believe it was from germany?  i liked it but, that's it just like?  will think about it more maybe the name will pop in my head?  perhaps after a glass of wine?  had similar expiriences with pinot noir...not a big deal for inexpensive ones although the better (pricier) pinot's were very nice.  hey!!!  this is ice wines!!! 

Reply by amour, Jul 6, 2010.

YES YES >>>PELLER ESTATES (CANADA).....They are good and reasonably priced.

Peller Estates encourage ICE WINE is novel and I am including these points to stimulate interests.


After all , we like what we like...

And usually, we eventually know just what we like and how....(like we do with most other things in life!)



For those interested, and there are many for sure....



Vanilla-infused ICE WINE FRENCH TOAST....... mix vanilla, ice wine and maple syrup and drizzle the mixture all over your favourite style basic FRENCH TOAST ....not everyday fare......but perhaps....honey-moon breakfast  or  for a  passionate morning are worth playing around with expensive wine!

Next comes ICE WINE gentle on the palate, yet there is strength in the cold sensation...a powerful combination and expressive of a couple....LION AND DOVE...No...I have not been drinking...I am about to start my responsible work and it is exactly 10. in the morning...Tuesday.....what a passion for wine and pen can do....right Gregory? ....Enthusiasm and love of Snooth...another dangerously powerful combination.

Those with word-guns....Shoot!

a happy loving amour...CHEERS ALL!

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