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i have a question about wine bottles have 5 of celebrity cellars

Posted by Cindy Mcvicar, Aug 13, 2013.

i have a question about wine bottles have 5 of celebrity cellars there  empty but really neat and believe they are limited editions i want to know if they are worth any money and how i go about selling them for a fair price im a poor single mom hoping to of had a bit of good luck finding them i have I love lucy, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, The Honeymooners and Barbara Streisand  t here in good condition and really cool can someone please give me some advise not sure if i'm being stupid but feel someone would like to have these bottles.



Reply by Richard Foxall, Aug 13, 2013.

Thanks for the post. 

Even in empty condition, these bottles are listed on Ebay at prices from under $10 to nearly $75--but that doesn't mean they sell for that, since lots of Ebay listings don't result in sales.  If full, they sell for more, although I don't think it's because anyone thinks the wine is worth much, more to do with the "mint" condition and the idea another collector will pay more if it is still as-new. 

I only found a few recent sales for these items.  One was a pair of Dean and Frank bottles in full condition, sold for about $75.   Frank alone, full condition, went for $30.  (Dino worth more than Frank?)  I Love Lucy comes in two versions and a non-etched sold for $42 empty.

Not enough to put the kids through college.  I also saw some of  these wines on Wine Searcher, where retailers were asking a lot more for full bottles, but there were only a couple bottles out there--I suspect they keep them around for the odd collector of non-wine items who wanders through.  I don't think the selling point is the wine inside. 

My guess is that you will have much more success selling these to fans of the performers than wine drinkers--after all, wine drinkers like to buy the wine inside the bottle.

Good luck, I hope these find a nice home. 

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