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"I drank it" button for cellar

Posted by andrew, Dec 10, 2007.

So I've been using the cellar function, it's neat because I can enter the bottles as I buy them (i.e. many at a time) and then I don't have to search around when I would like to enter the review/rating (usually 1 at a time). In the cellar, I have to set the quantity to 0 and then enter a review. I think an 'I drank it' button (or equivalent) would be neat. (i.e. it sets the quantity to 0 and then opens the review pane)


Reply by Philip James, Dec 10, 2007.

Andrew - you emailed me a great list of suggestions a while back. I'm sure this was on there.

We're debating a few alternatives. Ranging from nothing(!), to little up/down arrows so you can tweak the quantities to something like yours.

Its on the list!

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