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I don't think image upload is quite there yet.

Posted by gr, Jul 27, 2007.

First, I can do it without logging in. I trust it's moderated, but... really? Maybe that's a good thing for wineries / wine stores, but... won't they just give you batch images and expect you to deal with it?

Second, it's done broke. Cf,

Maybe doesn't handle PNGs? The image there is the first one from

The IMG tag points to which doesn't exist. Even if it did, I gave you a PNG, not a JPEG, so the name would throw more-compliant browsers off and they'd misrender it.

Am I missing something?


Reply by Philip James, Jul 28, 2007.

nope - we need to fix all that!

Reply by gr, Jul 29, 2007.

I talked with Mark and typed at Phil about this, but:

I tested whether the issue was multi-layer (as opposed to flattened) PNGs. It's not (although the multi-layer ones I was uploading, because I didn't bother to flatten in Gimp, probably would have looked like ass in IE).

I think that means that you simply don't have libpng installed (or didn't, when you built and installed ImageMagick). Rebuild IM, tell it to go depend on all of the available image formats (JPEG, GIF, and PNG are all users are likely to upload, but if you get, like EPS out of some winery's catalog, you want to be able to easily batch process those and shove them in the DB, not have to manually/scriptedly process them into some other format). You're probably okay displaying JPEG, GIF, and even PNG (that'd be borderline, if the site wouldn't fall flat on its face in any browser without PNG support already), but if you get weirdo stuff other than that, you should be able to accept it, then post-process it, then post it.

Also, moderation. Also, disable posting images from anon users to avoid, you know, pr0n. (Are you doing anything about that for user photos? Even moderating? I mean, I like you guys, so I didn't put goatse up as my profile photo, but...)

I think that's it for now, but I feel like I'm forgetting something.

Reply by Philip James, Jul 29, 2007.

EVERYTHING that happens on the site is moderated, right down to when you change your city...

But, avoiding pron is always worth our time. We're looking at some options for the image uploading from anons.

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