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Tier 2 Keto  to make sure you're getting enough meat and to make sure you're getting enough salt that's the two most important components if you're doing those two things then you're you probably be fine and so I've been keeping up with my meat intake the first two days and I'm gonna be doing this like a week right now guys so I'm still kind of like a newbie but the first two days I ate like three pounds of meat a day and but I felt good like I wasn't bloated there was no none of that like you didn't feel distended or anything you know I just felt good and then as time has gone on the last couple days actually I've been kind of eating more like two pounds of meat a day I would say and I've been feeling good but I've just been 

Tier 2 Keto  the benefits from doing cardboard so the benefit is I I don't like okay so like even when Aikido like I would crave sweets yeah so bad like so so bad and you know I would give in pretty frequently to it but the only thing that happens is when you give in to those things it makes it worse so you know because you give in to it and you're like I can have a little bit more I can have a little bit more I can do it you know and it just kind of built some that's like a pretty it's a snowball young and so for me the nice thing that's happened is I haven't had any sweet cravings in the last two days I have had zero sweet cravings at all like



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