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Posted by Snoother 2243956, Aug 29.

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so as I receive arousal signals it's a lot like an airline pilot who's asleep on the job get the signal from air traffic control the brain in your head that he's got clearance to take off but if he's asleep in the cockpit he's never able to see the signal and the plane never takes off in the case of your penis brain it never gets the message that it needs to do its job which means you never get hard the problem with most arousal supplements is that they totally neglect the penis brain connection sure they might help a little with blood flow but for my research I uncovered that it may not make much of a difference unless you actually stimulate the penis brain in fact addressing blood flow only is like taking nyquil for a cold it's only addressing a superficial symptom but it does absolutely nothing to treat the root cause of a cold a weak immune system if you want to prevent colds altogether you need to boost your immune system and from what the studies showed the penis brain is like the immune system of your sex drive this may explain why I along with virtually all of my male clients got very poor results when we took heed e pills like blood flow enhancers because we were using a band-aid to try to heal a deeper problem now whe  ultra fast keto

 n I discovered that II D as well as almost all other performance issues could be just a problem with a flatlined or sleeping penis brain I started to wonder how do you actually stimulate a sleeping penis brain to get erections and are there natural ways of doing so without pharmaceutical drugs so I asked my



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