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of their muscle and everything which isn't good and then also you have the yo-yo effect as well which is you fat so that's basically what it comes down to to fat loss and putting on muscle of course supplements can play a role it can help your metabolism and also your workout program and cardio but the biggest thing the most important thing is being at a caloric deficit and how you fuel your body has been the most important thing from my experience so making sure that you master this you understand this you're fueling your body and again you might not totally even care about you know what I'm talking about when the fitness side you might just care about just having more energy in health in which case I find what works for me is a lot of raw foods a lot of greens you know just eating the best foods in that way because the more cooked in process you go you're more your body has to use energy to digest that   slim pro patch   anyways I hope this video helps you it's kind of long winded but I want to share with you guys all the details of what I do to reach my fitness goals and my diet and what I each eat each day again it's not cheap to invest money in different supplements and invest in your health but it's definitely worth it there's no greater investment in my opinion than your health and your body because that's what you experience life in and you got to take care of it you go to nurture it if you want to be successful in  



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