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Platinum Fit Keto  It is a hypocaloric diet that gives food a score and then the person can combine them without exceeding the maximum points. The number of daily points to consume is obtained from age, weight and height, so that each person will have a different score depending on the needs of their own body. Dissociated diet: Unhealthy menu, we tell you the reasons Promotes to make five meals a day, organize meals in a balanced way in terms of nutrients that the body needs and perform daily exercise, the latter also allows you to earn points. The amount of points consumed must be noted on a checklist. The exercise is also recorded, which will be exchanged for points up to a limit. Unlike other diets, weight loss will not be rapid and sudden, but will be done slowly and progressively. The points awarded to food are not calculated randomly but are related to their content in Kcal, fat and fiber, using a mathematical formula. Most vegetables and fruits have a score of 0, but if several foods are consumed with this score, one will be added. There are no prohibited foods and no medication or supplement is recommended. Weekly booster meetings are the key to losing weight successfully and staying at the final weight. can eat whatever you want as long as the number of daily points is not exceeded, although compensations are allowed: if one day you spend you can discount it to the next and in the same way if you do not arrive you can add them.


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