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Keto 10x  Abuse some food group Make a list of what you eat daily and you will be surprised to realize that you eat more of certain foods and set aside others that can help you lose weight. 6. You don't move This is one of the typical mistakes that make you fat . If you think your weight loss is due only to what you eat, you are wrong. You need to do some physical activity to have effective results. 7. You eat salads, but what do they contain? Do not trust! Salads can have a lot of hidden calories. If you add nuts, raisins and cheeses, you may be exceeding the calories of a rice dish. Surely now that you know the mistakes that make you gain weight now if you manage to lose those extra pounds that you have wanted so much. Being well depends on you! With proper diet and nutrition we can lose weight healthily. Losing weight is an intention that many of us keep in mind especially after holidays. We all want to be as slender as the stars of television. The truth is that achieving an adequate weight is the result of a designed and structured task. We must carry it out taking into account our health condition. How to lose weight fast? The steps to lose weight are different for each of us. If as a long-term goal is to maintain an adequate weight, the short-term goal is to maintain a balanced diet and nutrition. In this section you will find the information you need to be healthy. We want you to get excited as you achieve your goals. Healthy recipes In this section we review the different types of foods, vitamins and supplements. We will talk about the diets that experts recommend.


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