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How the mighty have fallen... blow to VA wine?

Posted by Richard Foxall, Mar 16, 2011.

I read this story with some interest because I worked for a recruiting firm with ties to John Kluge in my 20s, and because I have family in VA near Albemarle. What's worth reading is that Patricia Kluge was actually succeeding in the wine business (or seemed to be) and was brought down by over-ambitious real estate development, although she appears to have over-expanded the winery as well.  She had the connections and the money to get VA wine in front of people whose endorsements, regardless of their wine knowledge, would be a marketing boon for the product.  I haven't had any of their wine, although we tasted at a couple other places a few years back while there.  Maybe ChipDWood can help us out here--is this a big loss? I'd also like to find out who besides Chip has tasted a VA wine that was memorable.  My observations have been that the clay soils of some areas could be okay for merlot, but the overall humidity and frequent summer rains are not favorable for wine in general.  But I'm no expert on VA or viticulture generally.



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