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how old are you drinkin'

Posted by George Parkinson, Aug 26, 2009.

I pulled a 1995 Keegan RRV Pinot from the cave last night. held up pretty well. threw some sediment, but kept its composer, texture, color, flavor together throughout dinner. SOOOO it got me thinking. Anyone out there keeping older wines, tasting them lately? what vintage,producer,varietal? and your experience. I really like the old ones. encourages me to cellar them more often. Thoughts?


Reply by penguinoid, Aug 27, 2009.

I rarely get to drink anything much older than, say, 2000. I've had a few nice older ones, though which have been pretty good. Including a chardonnay from 1988, which I honestly wouldn't have thought would have lasted so long but was still pretty good. And only about $7 on eBay ;-)
Avignonesi Il Marzocco Toscana IGT 1988

And more recently, a vino nobilo di Montepulciano that had been sitting around in my parents wine cupboard for a long time and suffered a fair number of moves but surprisingly was still in good shape
Poliziano Vino Nobile di Montepulciano 1989

One of the nicest wines I've had the pleasure of trying was a Loire valley wine, from Roche-aux-Moines. It was a 1995 Domaine aux Moines. I don't think they're one of the more famous producers from that area, but it was a very good wine. I went as far as to buy a few extra bottles, which is not something I often do to be honest
Domaine Aux Moines Savennières Roche Aux Moines 1995

Sadly I don't really have the money or the space to buy wines to lay down for the future at the moment. Which is a pity, as I've heard both the current Burgundy and Bordeaux wines coming on the market are both fairly good and (due to financial pressures) a bit cheaper than the last few years.

Reply by Philip James, Aug 27, 2009.

Penguin - similar boat here. Most of the wines I drink are 3-8 years old. Occasionally, I have the chance to try something 10-15 years old, or if Greg's raided his cellar then it could be 30-100 or more!

Reply by GregT, Aug 27, 2009.

"...kept its composer..."

Awesome. Mozart in a bottle!

It all depends on the mood. Mostly we drink fairly young wines at home, like 10 years or less. For some wines, that's just not enough time tho, so some of the wines from the 80s are just hitting their drinking windows. 1995 depends on the producer. Some of the Rioja and Ribera wines are still kind of young, some are hitting the drinking stage. I have some zins from 1995 and some cabs that I'm keeping longer. Probably going to wait until the 20 year mark.

Reply by Gregory Dal Piaz, Aug 27, 2009.

I think the youngsters I drink, from my own cellar, tend to be at least 10years old. For most of the wines 1970 to about 1990 seems to be the mature window right now: Bordeaux, Barolo, California Cabs.

I actually love young wines but one of the penalties you pay by amassing to large of a cellar is that you frequently have to drink something older when you might prefer the freshness of youth. Happens all to frequently.

Reply by Philip James, Aug 27, 2009.

GregT - I didn't see that upon first read. Well spotted.

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