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How much is that DRC in the window?

Posted by Richard Foxall, Jul 21, 2012.

So we're walking down the streets of Rome after visiting the Pantheon (and Giolitti, thanks Mike Madaio, my kids think you rock) and I look into the window of this restaurant and here's what I see:

Yep, that's DRC Montrachet and Romanee Conti in the upper left corner, Petrus on the right, with Gaja, Latour, Sassicaia, Biondi-Santi and more Petrus represented as well. 

The DRC has the Leroy label, but it's Monopole for R-C and indicates on the label it's DRC for the Montrachet as well.  The Petrus shown is 1978, a mere $1000 a bottle for that.

The menu seemed fairly pedestrian for the wines displayed--typical primi and secondi with unremarkable prices--but if you want to go, here's the front of it: