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How did the Alto Adige VT go?

Posted by outthere, Aug 28, 2012.

Unfortunately I had to work late and missed the webcast. We popped the whites with dinner. The Caldera Pinot Bianco was our favorite with its bright lemon lime fruit. The Castelfeder Pinot Grigio seemed to have undergone too much malo and was a bit on the buttery side. It also had an effervescence that I didn't really enjoy. A lot of the Albarinos we had in that tasting has fizz as well. Is this something more comon with Italian whites? Too soda poppy for me.


Reply by Richard Foxall, Aug 28, 2012.

Funny, I didn't get that with the PG.  I thought it was peach and pear and melon, so a little rich, but also has some rocky aspects.  No fizz at all.  Mine was packed with lots of cold packs.  The Franz Haas PN rocked, mouth watering acid and red cherries, strawbs, currants, just the gamut of red berry fruit.  (I drank it at a picnic Saturday--gotta preserve that palate).  The other pinot nero was kind of oaky, not really varietally spot on, but tasty. 

The convo rocked.  StevenBabb was back, NG was kicking it and eating veal scallopini, mreff (you gotta meet him, like Kevin Bacon in Diner but all about the vino) showed strong, EG called out lagrein for the great varietal wine it is, and a host of others.  Sorry we missed you.  Check out the video--the set was awesome with these amazing barrels as a backdrop.  VTs just keep getting better.  (Even if they can't match our dinner at ReddWood--what could?)

GdP and the Snooth management,  you owe it to OT to come out here--he's the most amazing resource with his Napa/Sonoma connections, insane palate, and dedication. See if the bean counters can spring for a few "mentors" to make it.

Reply by outthere, Aug 29, 2012.

I picked up the spriiz on my tongue right away and noted it to my GF. I then put my thumb over the top of the bottle and gave I a shake.  When I slipped my thumb off the pressure sprayed out. Secondary fermentation? Intentional or not?

Reply by Mike Madaio, Aug 29, 2012.

I dont think there was any malo on the PG, but it was aged on lees for 5 mos, so that explains the richness and creaminess. Mine wasnt fizzy, and I thought it was quite good.

Overall great tasting. Everyone seemed to dig the wines and learning about a relatively unknown region.

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