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How about home made wine?

Posted by Hugo Sauaia, May 6, 2009.

I was watching some videos on how to produce home made wine and got interested. Not that I would expect to make anything fancy, but mostly for the fun of making it. Has anybody ever done it? If we had anybody interested in being sort of a tutor we could perhaps organize a group and we would all start it up and we could record it, create a youtube group on it from snooth, something like that. Share our experiences, and certainly gain a whole amount of knowledge about it. What do you think, people? It would be a great way for us to interact a little bit more. Let me know if it sounds too dull. Hope to hear from you all and that your glasses will always be full of great wine. Seeya.


Reply by h2w4, May 6, 2009.

At my last job I was an enologist that dealt almost entirely with analysis of homemade wines and did phone consultations to provide advice to home winemakers on how to make their wines and/or how to improve them. All you need to start is juice, yeast and some Potassium Metabisulfite (sulfites). This is of course a very simplistic approach to winemaking, but to make a good wine requires a lot of time, money, dedication and perseverance. It can of course be very rewarding and I encourage anyone who might be interested in trying it to do so, but you need to be in contact with a lab (preferably something local) to provide insight and analysis. Without the insight and analysis part it is EXTREMELY easy to have all of your hard work and effort go down the drain.

Reply by MTB, May 7, 2009.

While I haven't made wine myself, my friend Gretchen Neuman is on her second vintage. She made a Chardonnay last Fall that was much nicer than I expected, and is now working on a Rose. She's got a profile on Snooth, but hasn't been very active, I will try to get her to contribute to the forum to talk about her experiences. In the meantime, she does post updates on our shared blog, Vino Verve ( If you look under the tab "adventures" at the top you'll see a section called "At Home" which has links to all her posts about last Fall's Chardonnay.

Reply by Gregory Dal Piaz, May 8, 2009.

I have two friends who are accomplished home wine makers. One is younger and took a slightly scientific approach to the task and is consistently producing impressive results.

The other is an older fellow, who I've been able to help once or twice. He makes wine like his father did and his grandfather before. Very rudimentary "cellar" and not the cleanest nor most conscientious winemaker but still able to produce a good, albeit simple, wine.

it something I am thinking of doing someday, no today, but someday.

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