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Posted by kevchan, Jul 18, 2007.

I think you should have pics of the wines (in recs and reveiws) on homepage not just in the recomendations/ratings page.

A little graph of the wines I reveiwed would be kinda neat.

Maybe three pie charts one red wine, one white wine, one other. broken down by country (france/italy/US/other new world etc), with total number at top ie. Reds reveiwed 29, Whites Reviewed 10...? It gives you more of a snapshot.



Reply by Philip James, Jul 26, 2007.

kev - you want small images of the wines on the personalized home page? ok, and what about the charts? i like the idea of giving users this reporting, but i figured we'd put that under 'my ratings' - maybe in the left hand bar...

Reply by kevchan, Jul 31, 2007.

Yep little photos on the home page.

I think the summary chart or whatever graphical representation you choose should be on the home page solely because you'll see it immediately when you click on a friend. You therefore get an immediate snap shot of what your friend has reveiwed/drunk.

You can repeat the this on the ratings page.

Maybe on the recomedations section you also have a pie chart of the recomendations. You can then filter the recs by clicking on the relative pie (ie red) and it will filter the reds in the recs.

Another thing, as the recs keep changing I think a bookmarking/"i would like to try" feature that has been mentioned in other posts would be useful. Again can show this on the homepage, that way friends will know to buy me a case of Chateau Palmer for xmas.

Reply by Philip James, Aug 2, 2007.

bookmarking / wishlist is going to come pretty soon. the rest is on the future list for a while as we knock out the rest of the social networking stuff

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