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Hi everyone! A few wine racks for sale.

Posted by Wine and Wood, Oct 12, 2013.

I have recently made some wine racks with mosaic inlays and would like to hear what you all think of them and if there's a way I could improve. Here's a couple links and thank you for looking. Mike


Reply by EMark, Oct 13, 2013.

Mike, I took a look.  They are certainly attractive decorative pieces.  I can see where many people would be tempted.  In our house they might be used to hang glassware on the wall.  I would not store wine bottles they way you are suggesting for a several reasons.

  • It looks like your rack has the capacity for 8-9 bottles.  In our household we are storing several hundred bottles.  I really do not have a need to store several hundred and nine bottles.
  • You are showing upright storage of bottles that appear to have corks in them.  Laying the bottle on the side keeps the cork moist.  So, the seal is maintained.  Storing a corked bottle upright may allow the cork to dry which can can cause the seal to deteriorate and, then, allow air to get to the wine.  Air is not wine's friend.  Now, if we are only talking about a few weeks of upright storage, it is probably not a problem.  Also, if you had bottles that were closed with screwcaps (and some of the bottles in your pictures do appear to be screwcaps), this objection would be removed.
  • Wine is meant to be stored in cool dark environments.  Walls are often brightly illuminated and, thermodynamic characteristics tell you that the higher mounting will be warmer than the floor.

Again, I agree that they are attractive and would look good in some decorating schemes.  Like I say, it is a nice way to store and display your glasses.  As another idea, some people like to keep the empty bottles of memorable wines.  Your display would be fine to display those.

I can see you selling these during the holiday season, Mike.  I'm sure that some people who are stumped about what to get their wine-loving uncle for Christmas will see this as a good solution to their quandary.  Whether the wine-loving uncle will receive the gift with as much enthusiasm is not clear to me.

Reply by Wine and Wood, Oct 14, 2013.


Your post was very informative with a lot of great advise. I never really thought about the cork drying out but, no that really makes since! I'm going to make a floor model wine rack with like 12 to 16 slots. Are there that many bottle over the 5" around and what should be added to make a floor model complete? Like how deep should each compartment be, size of whole and should there be a door? Thank you for your time and great advise. Mike

Reply by outthere, Oct 14, 2013.

Come on Mark,  it's Yellowtail. No harm no foul! ;)

Reply by EMark, Oct 14, 2013.

I hear you, OT.  I just thought that Mike would be hearing comments like the ones I mentioned, and, so, it would be smart for him to consider how to address them.

Mike, I think a floor model that held 12-16 bottles would be very nice for the occasional wine drinker who does not have the need for massive storage.  

Your question about "5" around" is a bit confusing to me.  Are you saying 5" in circumference?  As I suspect you know, wine bottles have standard volume capacity--the ones in your pictures appear to be 750 ml--but there are no real standards for height or diameter.  I just measured a few bottles that I have laying around I would say that the diameter of most of my wines (and this is measuring at the base) is between 3-3-1/4 inches.  The biggest diameter that I measured is 3.5"  I know there are fatter bottles.  The Turley winery uses outrageously fat bottles.  Also, the bottles for Champagne or Sparkling wines tend to be fatter.

Take a look at these pictures.  This is a rack that I have in my living room under the stairs.  We built this system with 1" X 12" planks.  


As you can see, the we created cubbies that hold 2 bottles each.  Each cubby is 3-1/12" X 7-1/4".  So, fatter bottles (including the 3-1/2 incher that I mentioned about) do not fit in the cubbies.   The fatter bottles can be stored on the top of the rack as in this second picture (please ignore the dust):


As you can see, I used 1/2 round dowels glued to the floors to provide footings for the horizontal bottles.  

A couple things for you to consider.  If the cork end of the bottle is oriented towards the viewer (as mine are) you can put more bottles in less space, but that does not allow the viewer to see the label.  If you want the viewer to be able to read the label, you will need much more vertical clearance and would want the bottom of the bottle oriented towards the viewer.  You can tilt the bottle a tad (maybe 15 degrees or so) with the corked end higher as long as you keep the wine in contact with the cork (again, to keep it from drying).  This would, again, make it easier to read the label, and allow you to slightly reduce the depth of your rack. 

I don't think a door is necessary, but I may be in the minority, there.  To my way of thinking your racks are decorative and are best viewed as display pieces.


Reply by Wine and Wood, Oct 18, 2013.


Thank you for all the tips. I have started on a floor model and will post pictures once I'm done. I will be using most of your tips. Thanks again! Mike

Reply by Wine and Wood, Oct 26, 2013.

I got the wine rack done with all of your helpful tips. What do you think of it. Thanks in advance. Mike

Reply by EMark, Oct 30, 2013.

Sorry Mike.  I did see that you'd posted this a few days ago, but I blew by it.  Anyway, I think your idea is good--functional and not too fussy.  I do really like the cabinet for storage of the glasses.  That is a great idea.

Reply by Wine and Wood, Oct 31, 2013.

No problem, Thank you for all your feedback and encouragement! Now I just need to sell one. LOL I have been looking around a little and all this fine wine is sure making me thirsty... I stained one with a cherry stain, which turned out nice. Thanks again and have a Happy Halloween. 

Reply by EMark, Oct 31, 2013.

The stain looks good, Mike.  Also, the window on the door is very nice.  The shelf above the nine bottle slots, is nice, but if it were me, I would build more storage for bottles.  Just my opinion, the next person might say that its a great spot for their wine books.

I wish you success.  You appear to be a pretty skillful craftsman.  I hope you sell some.

Reply by Wine and Wood, Nov 13, 2013.

Thank you for all the compliments! I sold a couple of the wall hanging wine racks one was from here and I want to thank them for there purchase! I just got an engraving machine, so I'm going to engrave some grapes and vines on one and will post that when it's complete. Thank you again for your support. Mike

Reply by GregT, Nov 13, 2013.

Mike - nice job.

Mark gave you some good tips. The "normal" Bordeaux shaped bottle that is most commonly used is about 2 7/8 inches diameter, but some of the fancier ones are 3 inches diameter.

The Rhone or Burgundy shaped bottle is 3 1/4 inches, but some are a bit bigger at 3 1/2 inches. Those are by far the 2 most common sizes.

There are some producers who insist on using fatter bottles. A lot of cru Beaujolais for example, is fatter, Pride Syrah, most of the Turley wines, the old Pax bottles (they switched to the more normal Burgundy size now), some wines from Spain - those can be 3 7/16 or even 4 inches diameter. So can some Champagne bottles.

And a magnum (2 "regular" sized bottles) is about 4 inches.


Reply by Wine and Wood, Nov 13, 2013.

Yes, Mark has been very helpful and thank you for your input as well. There sure is a lot of different size bottles! I have been making the holes 4"x 4" which covers most all those sizes, but I could get more storage if I went 3". That would make storage of 4 bottles per shelf 6 shelves high, which would hold 24 bottles total. Greg, thank you for the different bottle measurements! I will make the next floor cabinet with 3" slots for more storage with some  engraving and post it where when I'm done.  Thanks again, Mike

Reply by GregT, Nov 14, 2013.

Be careful - a LOT of bottles are actually in the Rhone or Burgundy shapes - lots of Chardonnay from CA for example. I'd go a little bigger because when I look in my cellar, about 1/2 of the bottles are the 3 1/2 inch size! I made my shelves to hold those.

There are different shapes for sure but the vast majority are either in Bordeaux or Rhone shapes so if you accommodate the latter, you're probably going to be good. Also, you don't want the fit to be too tight - some people don't want to scratch up their labels and then of course wood tends to expand and contract with the seasons, so don't make the fit so tight that the bottle just barely fits. I'd go a little bigger.


Reply by EMark, Nov 14, 2013.

Y'know, that plenum space above the bottles that I suggested could be used for books could also accommodate a few oddball bigger bottles.  I think you could fit 5 or 6 bottles in that space by stacking them on top of each other.  It may not be as elegant, but it would work.  

Looking forward to seeing your next version, Mike.

Reply by Wine and Wood, Dec 2, 2013.

I'm having a sale on all cabinet and wall mount wine racks. I add a link if anyone is interested. Still working on my latest version, but will post as soon as I'm done. Thank you all for looking and have a Very Merry Christmas. Mike

and for those who prefer Etsy I added a link as well...

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