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Hi all, wine novice here but very eager to learn and enjoy...

Posted by Bartond, Dec 2, 2010.

My name is Barton and I've actually been on Snooth for months now but have not been really active. I receive the emails and updates and usually read them but figured I would get a bit more involved. I'm a wine lover and am absolutely fascinated by the whole process of wine making, the geography of wines, and of course consumption!

I tend to not be able to "express myself" too well when it comes to wines (don't know all of the wine jargon just yet) but I know what I like and MAN do I like it! Ha. I lean towards big, bold reds like Zins, Riojas, and Cab Sauvs but have branched out a bit and drink more whites than I used to. I have a little life goal of visiting as many wine-producing regions in the world as possible. I love to travel so it always adds fun when I'm able to peel off and visit a winery or two. So far I have had the pleasure of visiting:

- Napa

- Sonoma

- Columbia Valley

- Palisade, Western Colorado

- Central Texas  

- Marlborough, New Zealand     

- Lleida, Spain (most recent)

I guess my whole view on wine is - it's fun and it's meant to drink and enjoy. I don't take it too seriously and that keeps it fun. It's good to be on Snooth and if anyone wants to say hi and drop in comments or anything, please do so.



Denver, CO


Reply by dmcker, Dec 2, 2010.

Welcome, Barton. What are the wineries you liked best from your visits to those regions?

Reply by Bartond, Dec 2, 2010.

Hey dmcker, thanks for the welcome. My favorite wineries from those regions:

- Napa - William Harison (unreal, massive cab sauv and cab francs)

- Columbia Valley - I forgot but I dig a lot of wineries in this region

- Palisade, CO - No question the best is Canyon Wind Cellars

- Marlborough, NZ - Villa Maria had the finest Pinot Noir I've ever tasted (I think it was a 2005 reserve or something, like $50/bottle so I only tasted that one!)

- Costers del Segre - Tomas Cusine is the only winery I visited here but it was really nice and the owner Tomas Cusine was really nice and is making some fantastic wines!

Those are some thoughts. I don't remember all of the wineries but those are some highlights.

What about you? Where are your favorite areas and what are you drinking right now?


Reply by GregT, Dec 2, 2010.

Hi Barton.  Welcome.

Washington, Colorado, Texas, New Zealand.  You've visited a pretty unusual group of places, very unlike the Napa, Bordeaux, Tuscany people!  Good for you.  Let us know about those wines - I don't know squat about CO, TX, or much else for that matter!

Right now I'm drinking a dry Furmint made by Kiralyudvar - it's not oxidized like most were and it's great.  Citrusy and nutty and some quince and dry grass.  Awesome.  Good with my burrito too.

Reply by Stephen Harvey, Dec 2, 2010.


Need any advice on Aussie wine just give me a shout

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