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Help to identify my bottle of wine.

Posted by C White, Apr 10, 2013.

I currently live in Beijing so everything one purchases needs to be scrutinized closely. Recently I purchased a bottle at the wine shop I frequent. What attracted me was two fold. 1) It's a 2001 White Bordeaux (known to be an absolutely fantastic year). 2) It was in the discount section. So this means either the owner doesnt know what its worth or its fake. 

It is a Bordeaux D' Estournel

Marked 2001. Both the caps wrapper and the label has the Elephant with castle spire on its back. The bottom of the lable reads:

Appellation Bordeaux Controlee mis en bouteille par prats freres negociants a saint-estephe france.

Did I find a hidden gem or is it junk?

Help would be wonderful as I cant find any information on this White Bordeaux.

C.S. White


Reply by outthere, Apr 10, 2013.

It's a negotiant wine and nobody would fake a negotiant wine. Not even the Chinese. Think of it as coming from bulk grape purchases on the spot market. Kinda like Charles Shaw or a Cameron Hughes here in the US. It belonged in the discount section, as a white of this nature is a drink me now wine and not made to age. Let us know how it shows.

Reply by duncan 906, Apr 10, 2013.

My educated guess is that it  is a dry white made from the semillon and/or sauvignon blanc grapes.A little search on google would probably elicit more precise information.When you have done your google search and drunk the wine why not write up a review for this site because sooner or later another Snooth user is bound to come across this wine and want to know something about it and what it is like

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