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Help please

Posted by Hannahcat0, Jun 30, 2008.

Am I missing something about this site? There are prices for the wine, but am I able to purchase the wine?


Reply by Mark Angelillo, Jun 30, 2008.

Snooth aims to have information about all of the wines produced in the world, so in that respect it's a resource for finding information about a wine. The price you see is the last known price for the wine. We recalculate the prices nightly based on the information we get from our merchant partners.

We also aim to connect people with stores that sell wines they'd like to drink. If you see the "Compare Prices" button, there are stores selling that wine.

If you use the "In Stock" radio button on the search page, you can shop for wines that are for sale from our merchant partners. If you log in you can further narrow your searches by location. Currently you can select the stores you'd like to buy from, or you can select your country. Soon we'll add zip code based searching.

Hope this helps!

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