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Help needed...soon please

Posted by leeflea, Dec 19, 2012.

I am more of a spirits drinker and must humbly say, I don't know much about wines other than if I like them or not. I don't know any of the wine lingo, etc but I need your help please.

The day before New Year's Day, I'm having over guests and I'm wanting a crisp white wine with somewhat a fruity nose such as apricots. I'd not want to pay more than $50 for each bottle. Less if I could. Might someone be kind enough to make me some recommendations?

The next night, I'm entertaining and will be having duck. Now, what wine would be appropriate with that. I would sure appreciate all the help I can get. Too, like the white, I really don't want to pay over $50 for it.

thank you,



Reply by JonDerry, Dec 19, 2012.

For the white wine, if you don't mind something on the sweeter side, I'd go with a 2011 Donhoff Kabinett Riesling. Click on the name of the wine to find out where you can order'll have to order on-line given your location, is that a problem?

Price: around $25, cheaper if you ship it in from CA - Try Woodland Hills Wine Co.

For the duck, I'd definitely recommend Red Burgundy. If you deal with Woodland Hills, which I'd recommend -  they'd be happy to give you a recommendation. I recently had a 2010 Pavelot Savigny Les Beaune "La Dominodes" that was nice for under $50.00

Here are some 2006 Red Burgs available there:

Lignier-Michelot Morey St. Denis 1er

Pavelot "Aux Gravains"

2009 - There's more fruit in this vintage, maybe a little "bigger" for Burgundy

Bouchard Volnay Clos de Chenes

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