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Hello Snooth! Looking for Fellow NE side Tucsonians

Posted by Moonstone Mary, Jul 16, 2014.

Brand new to this site / group. Would welcome suggestions for good wine tasting events or venues in the NE Tucson area. Also would love to hook up with friends on Twitter @MoonstoneMary.


Reply by EMark, Jul 16, 2014.

I wish you luck in finding local wine buffs, Mary.  I live in California and am afraid that I can't advise you on the Tuscon scene.

In the meantime we look forward to sharing with you here on the forum.  Tell us about yourself.  What wines are you enjoying, lately?  From the pic in your post--actually, from the copyright notation--am I correct in assuming you are an artist?

Reply by Moonstone Mary, Jul 16, 2014.

Some of our favorite recent wonders include Tremo Rioja Tempranillo (2012). We only have one bottle left and must find more. Also bought several cases of Conte Ottavio Piccolomini Sangiovese (2012) from PRP Wines. We discovered this wonderful Italian wine when we attended a fund raiser for one of my orchestras (AMICCO on Anna Maria Island FL) and ordered so the group got a percentage from our purchase. Then we ran low after our move to Tucson so they sent a case through their Phoenix dealer. We also recently tried Carma Carmenere (2012) which was delightful.

Through my sister who has an even less discriminating taste than I in wine, we also discovered 14 Hands to have a delightful assortment of affordable fine wines. And for many years, I've enjoyed Penfold's Koonunga Hills Shiraz (the one we have currently is 2010). I discovered it at a fancy restaurant. I loved it so much I had them write down the name. These days we would just take a pic on the cell phone. So many wines, so little time.

And yes, I am a jewelry artist. I just created these earrings in honor of my favorite wine preference. And I also put together a jewelry kit with supplies and a step by step tutorial for those out there who would like to learn some basics of jewelry making without investing in lots of materials. On Etsy and Handmade Artists Shop as Moonstone Mary.

When I'm not creating jewelry or drinking wine, I play French Horn in various area groups including a horn choir, Horns of Tucson (aka HOT).  Oh, and often I AM drinking wine when I'm playing my horn - just makes for more interesting daily practice sessions. I'm excited to be a part of this community and would love to one day do a California wine tasting tour (one of my dream vacations).

Reply by EMark, Jul 17, 2014.

Wow, Mary, this was a much more interesting introduction.

I had to Google AMICCO to find out what it stood for (Anna Maria Island Concert Chorus & Orchestra) and where Anna Maria Island is located.  Now I know.

Mrs. EMark has all the artistic talent in this household, and she is, in fact, an ocassional beader.  She tends to do necklaces more than earings.  Lately, she has been concentrating on drawin, but in a few months, or so, she will cycle back to beads.

I am, of course, very impressed with your musical skills.  I also am musical.  I play the stereo.  Snooth Forum regulars have already seen that joke.  

I'm sure that, based only on your above comments about the wines you have been drinking, several others here will be able to relate to your preferences.  Sadly, the only one with which I have any familiarity is the 14 Hands--a very reliable label that is pretty easy on the wallet.  It sounds, though, that your favorite wine may be made from Pinot Noir grapes.  I am still trying to find my way around Pinot Noir, but, again, there are several contributors, here, who are quite passionate about it.  Are there any Pinot Noir makers that you favor?





Reply by Moonstone Mary, Jul 18, 2014.

Yes, I do enjoy Pinot Noir but have had some disappointing bottles from Mark West (a few years back used to be okay). Woodbridge and Lindemans have okay Pinot Noirs. Carmels ( had some wonderful Pinot Noir selections - loved it because you could order by the ounce. Wish I could remember the bottlers. Boy, I miss that restaurant.  One of the best Pinot Noirs I've had recently has come from Four Leaves Winery in Durango CO. It's not cheap but worth every penny. They are located right across from the train station at the end of Main St if you ever go there for a visit. My daughter lives there so we regularly stop for half a case. Hmm, may have to open one of the three bottles left this weekend. I'm getting thirsty just thinking about it.

Also, my sister recently introduced me to Menage a Trois. Last night we had a wonderful bottle of their California Red Wine that seemed to go perfect with our Lentil Tomato Veggie Soup and crusty Italian bread (dipped in my own concoction of balsamic vinegar, olive oil, and spices).

I used to adore Bogle's Zinfandel. But lately it's been pretty "bitey" if you know what I mean.

Anyway, regarding your musical instrument, that is also my husband's instrument. Since both my children play instruments, when they lived at home people would ask my husband what he played. He replied "the radio."  These days he simply lays claim to being a veteran audience, says we're nothing without our audience which is true. He is very good at critiquing performances so I've come to count on his input after a concert.

Tell Mrs Emark I am most jealous. I play with beads and wire because I can't paint. I've tried but I just don't see the colors that true painters see. Happy to have found you all. Cheers!

Reply by EMark, Jul 18, 2014.

Wow, I've never heard anybody rave about a Colorado PN.  OK, I've never heard anybody rave about any Colorado wine.  That's great to hear.  Sorry to report I do not see any trips to Durango in my foreseeable future, but we do have some ocassional visitors here from Colorado.

Sorry to say I really don't know what you mean by "bitey."  :-(

Have you tried the Bogle "Old Vines" Zinfandel bottling?  It's a few bucks more expensive, but I think it is much better than their "California" bottlling.  Believe me, though, you don't want to get me started on Zinfandel.  I've already had one person get mad at me for leading him down a path that led to a significant challenge to the limit on his credit card.

On the music front we went to see the L.A. Phil last night at the Hollywood Bowl.  You may or may not know that an evening at the Hollywood Bowl is more than just a concert event.  Mrs. EMark is also a very serious picnicker, and I get to chose the wines.  If you go over to the thread on "Weekday Wines," you'll see my comments.

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