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Hello Snooth! I'm Rose Mary...

Posted by sissycav, Dec 23, 2013.

I'm new to the wine community, and I am wondering if anyone knows how I can purchase a case of Baroncini Sangiovese di Toscana Cavalcante?  It's not a regular wine that they keep in stock at the store.  Please advise.  Thanks!


Reply by EMark, Dec 27, 2013.

Rose Mary, it looks like you've stumped the band.  That is unfortunate.  There are enough people here, and internet search capabilities are so easy, that normally somebody is able to pop up and make a suggestion.

I see from your profile, that you are in Philadelphia.  Where did you have this wine?  

Since you can't seem to find this particular wine, have you tried other Sangiovese-based Tuscan wines?  Obviously, the easiest one to find is Chianti.  When I read the description of your wine at the Baroncini site, I thought to myself, "That sounds exactly like a Chianti."  Also, Chiantis are, generally, fairly wallet-friendly.

Reply by Richard Foxall, Dec 27, 2013.

I found a shop offering it in Minnesota, of all places.  And it's super reasonable at $10, which means I'm going to look around some more.  But so far, none of the usual suspects turn up anything.  That includes Italian specialists like Italian Wine Merchants in NY and two places out here.   Searching wine-searcher got the MN store, but it's special order; searching Wine Access ( turns up the wine, but it's out of stock everywhere.  Looks like they might be a negociant since they have all kinds of Italian wines from areas that aren't near each other... which suggests they might have bottled that one vintage, or discontinued it.)

Reply by sissycav, Dec 27, 2013.


I know it is hard to find, and I did see that place in Minnesota, but they won't ship it to Philadelphia, PA.

I want this particular wine because it has our family's last name, Cavalcante, on the label, and it makes great gifts during the holidays or anytime of the year!

I can get it, but I have to have someone I know who owns a bar order it for me, and it takes weeks to be delivered.  I was just looking to get it more easily and quicker.

Thanks anyway!

Rose Mary

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